Mail-In Repair

Mail-In Repair Services

*Please be sure to create a backup of your data before sending in your machine for repairs.

If you do not know how to backup your files, Google it. There are hundreds of videos that will explain the process. We are not responsible for any data that is lost or deleted during the process of a repair. You can send us a request to backup your files, but we cannot guarantee all files will be saved with respect to their original locations and folders. We do our best to maintain the appearance of your machine during repairs, but unfortunately minor scrapes and scratches will happen. That is the nature of repair, so please keep in mind we are not gentle giants. We are repair technicians with a common goal to fix your problem. We take photos of every machine we receive for your benefit and ours. This way the before and after process is not a mystery. If it arrived broken or damaged, it will be timestamped. We do not use hard drives sourced from our E-Recycling dept to do repairs on your machine. Do not mail in your charger! We use original OEM chargers for all brands of laptops that we service. Do not send us your charger. It will get misplaced or thrown away.

We do not perform component level repairs. If your machine is completely dead and will not power on, we will diagnose it. If the results are short-to-ground or similar (specifically Apple devices), we highly recommend this site

They have well-trained staff and equipment to handle board (component level) repair.

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If the cost to repair your laptop exceeds the value of the laptop, we will reach out to you with due diligence before we begin your repair. In some cases, it’s not worth it, but ultimately it’s up to you.

Types of Repairs We Perform

Laptop screen replacement (any size)

Screen Bezel replacement (any size)

Keyboard replacement (any size)

We do not replace missing keys we replace the entire keyboard.

DC Jack/Charging port replacement

Hard drive/SSD replacement (any size)

Memory/RAM replacement (any size)

Battery replacement (any size)

Motherboard replacement (any size)

Camera replacement (any size)

Trackpad/Mousepad replacement (any size)

Virus removal

Password lock removal

Bios chip/EFI Firmware lock removal

Items We Do Accept

» Computers & Laptops
» Servers
» Satellites
» Cable Boxes
» Audio/Video Equipment
» Circuit Boards
» Cables
» Copper/Wire
» Power Supply Adapters
» Hard Drives
» Hospital Equipment
» Cell Phones & Tablets

Items We DO NOT Accept

» Televisions
» Microwaves
» Appliances
» Vacuum Cleaners
» Wood
» Plastics

PCB Recycling

Recycling PCB recovers approximately 99 percent of the precious and scarce metals from the recycling process. The copper part of the board is completely recyclable as a metallic material. Recycling PCB helps reduce depletion of natural resources such as copper, as processors often reuse these boards multiple times.




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