Welcome to KPL Recycling

Komputerlove Recycling was established in 2017. We are a small electronic recycling and repair business operating primarily in the metro Atlanta area. Recycling is a sustainable industry and we use our technical background to repurpose machines as well. Our goal is to recycle and remove as much E-Waste as possible, and educate our neighbors on the hazards of E-Waste pile-up. Our services include free pickup on electronic items including PCB boards laptops desktops printers cell phones routers cable boxes switches chargers wires tablets and other small electronic devices. About 40 to 50 million tons of E-Waste are produced each year. 7 percent of that is small I.T. such as laptops and cell phones. If we increase awareness about this issue it’s a positive step for our planet. KomputerLove Recycling LLC, About KomputerLove Recycling LLC

Frequently Asked Questions


So, how exactly does this work?

Take a look around your home or office and gather all broken, old or unused small electronics laptops, desktops, cell phones routers etc. We do not accept appliances of any kind! Give us a call at 866-RECYCLN or scroll to the bottom of our website to fill out a submission form and schedule a free pickup with us. We will only pickup items while wearing face coverings either indoor or outdoor. You may request curbside contactless pickup as well but please do not leave items on street side. For all wires and electronics with no hard drives, computer cases etc we partner with Intonu Recycling to responsibly dispose of metals plastics and misc items. Items with hard drives or storage media do not leave our facility under any circumstances.


What about my data?

We know how important it is to keep your sensitive data secure and we use Garner PD-4 hard drive crusher as our #1 solution! This allows us to be in compliance with both residential and small businesses that handle sensitive information.

All hard drives found in our E-Waste pickup will be itemized indexed and shredded for your security. You will also receive a Certificate Of Destruction by email as a courtesy to show transparency in our process.